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Why use myagency

Businesses use myagency for a number of reasons. Some like the ability to hire freelancers directly from the platform, utilizing our ratings system to identify the workers who have good reviews from previous businesses they’ve worked with.


Others prefer to use it as their own employee portal, listing their hired employees inside the platform so that all their details and working hours are in one spot. 


Whichever way they choose, myagency is flexible and designed for all sorts of scenarios to maximize efficiencies with casual staffing. From linen porters to baristas and banquets team members, myagency has the teammates you’re looking for, right when you need them. 

Hire on-demand

Tap into holistic marketplace of 

temporary seekers from partner recruitment agencies. Fill your rota gaps seamlessly.

Time Clock

Substantially improve the accuracy of the timesheets by implemented QR code scan system. Alternatively there is manual clock in / clock out option.


Live communication between approved shift workers or potential seekers. Boost the collaboration between the teams.


Fast and efficient scheduling. Create shifts, select location, make amendments, assign internal employees and control the process in real time.


(Coming Soon).


The system is compatible with IOS, Android and Web versions.

The system will benefit the most to HR departments or managers of:


Customer Service





Hotels & Resorts

250+ Employees

The Gig Economy

High degree of independence

Payment by task

Short term duration

With technologies revolutionising many aspects of day to day life happening now, state of current workforce and labour market is changing as well.

Structural employer – employee relationship ending, new digital workforce of millennials is driving the change in perception of independent so called gig work.

43% of all young worker plan to leave their job within 2 years, and 62% responded that gig work is a viable alternative.

20-30 percent of the working-age population in the United States and the EU-15, or up to 162 million individuals, engage in some form of independent work.

29-50m + supplemental earners + non-independent workers in the EU15&US are expected to somewhat join gig/ independent work

Characteristics of Gig Work:

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